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Stainless Steel Hollow Sections
About Us

Milestone is incorporated in 1983 with Iron Powder manufacturing facility. Subsequently, other manufacturing facilities have been developed. 

› Mission & Values
If excellence is our mission, then ethics is certainly our mandate.
Our commitment to act ethically, towards our coworkers, customers, shareholders and community, is a belief we've valued and acted upon since our founding.

As we have operated with the highest standards since our beginning, the documents and policies are simply a more formal expression of the values by which we have always, and will always, act.

› Milestone Ways
We run our business with passion, integrity and transparency
• We keep our commitments
• We treat others with respect
• We resolve conflict directly
• We listen
• We include stakeholders in the decision process
• We make things happen
• We enable our coworkers to excel to their fullest potential