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Conite is a metallic aggregate of chemically processed & graded iron particles of high alumina which provide an 'Iron hard' surfaces to concrete structures & floors. By chemical reaction while setting, the Conite expands thus producing a dense, compact hard surface capable of withstanding the heaviest wear.

› Advantages
Conite is used with ordinary cement & aggregate on top layer of about 15-20mm of a concrete floor
Does not effect setting time of cement
Does not require specialist to supervise.
Ensures top surface completely ductile, hard-wearing, non-dusting and easily washable.
Unique for new surfacing as well repairing of old surfacing.
Prevents disintegration of old floor under heavy loads & abrasions.
Protects from pitting, rutting, breaking or shattering
› Two Layer Monolithic Construction

A concrete floor consists of (a) a layer of structural concrete 100mm-150mm thick and (b) a topping, approximately 50mm thick with 15mm top layer in which Conite has been incorporated.

When laying a concrete floor it is very desirable to apply the topping to the structural concrete base while it is still wet which ensure good bond and risk of layer separation is eliminated.

› Three Layer Granolithic Construction

When it may not be possible owing to building requirement to complete the floor in one operation, sub floor should be levelled off approximately 50mm - 70mm below the finishing level. On initial level setting, surface should be brushed with a stiff broom to remove all laitance and leave a rough surface to provide a good key to the topping.

The surface of sub floor should be thoroughly soaked with water for 12 hours to prevent the absorption of the mixing water into a dry base. The topping is laid in two layers (i) A screened bed of granolithic layer and (ii) Conite layer. Prior to laying the layer, any surplus water should be mopped up and cement grout brushed well into the surfaces keeping just ahead of the application of the granolithic layer which to be laid within 15mm - 20mm of finishing level. This should be as dry as possible and thoroughly compacted by rolling or grill tamp.

Conite Topping

The top layer can be bought up to within 15mm of the finished level and while this is still wet, the Conite topping should be laid for the remaining thickness as per the proportion.

Trowelling & Curing

Do not over trowel-only just sufficient trowelling to level a surface is needed. Excessive trowelling in the early stage tends to bring cement to the surface. After initial set further compaction by steel trowelling should be given. Remember, when surface is hard enough, it should be covered with sacking or sand and keep uniformly wet at least for seven days.


Remove the old concrete surface to a depth of at least 50mm-70mm. Clear away all loose particles and dust. Soak the surface for at least 12 hours. Mope up water and a cement grout thoroughly be brushed into the surface. Now lay ordinary granolithic mixture to within 15mm-20mm of finished level, followed by Conite topping, trowelling and curing be executed as above.

Waterproof Plastering

Conite ensure dense surface which prevent water - moisture leakage to the upper surface of plastered wall. For the composition of the Conite plaster use 5 parts of cement to 1 part of Conite.

Floor Types Light Medium Heavy
Loading Class < 488 < 732 < 732
Cement: Conite Ratio 5.0:1 4.5:1 4.0:1
Approx. requirement of CONTITE/Sq. Mts. for
15mm Topping
1.70 Kgs 2.00 Kgs 2.30 Kgs
Granolithic Layer is a mix of 1 part of Cement, 2 parts of coarse aggregate and 1 part of fine aggregate.
   › Please
Mix concrete with dry cement & fine and coarse aggregate in required proportion
Ensure setting & curing period that of ordinary cement (minimum 7 days)
keep water cement ratio to the minimum.
Clean & Wet old surface completely before resurfacing.
Store Conite away from moisture oil, grease, solvent etc.

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